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Volume 9 Issue 2
(15th March 2019)

Creative Commons License
Journal of Nursing Today by 
Greentree Group
 is licensed
under a 
Creative Commons
Attribution 4.0 International
.Based on a work at

The Editorial Office,
Journal of Nursing Today

Subject : Declaration and Copyright Transfer form
I/We, the undersigned author(s) of the manuscript entitled



Manuscript No._______________________

hereby declare that the above manuscript which is submitted for publication in the Journal of Nursing Today is NOT under consideration elsewhere in any other language. The manuscript is NOT published already in part or whole (except in the form of abstract) in any journal or magazine for private or public circulation. We have read instructions to authors and are fully aware of what plagiarism is? No part of this manuscript (referenced or otherwise) has been copied verbatim from any source.

I/we give consent for publication of my research work in Journal of Nursing Today in any media (print, electronic or any other) and transfer copyright to the Journal of Nursing Today in the event of its publication in the Journal of Nursing Today.

I/we do not have any conflict of interest (financial or other) other than those declared.

I/we have read the final version of the manuscript and am/are responsible for what is said in it. The work described in the manuscript is my/our own and my/our individual contribution to this work is significant enough to qualify for authorship. No one who has contributed significantly to the work has been denied authorship and those who helped have been duly acknowledged.

I/we also agree to the authorship of the article in the following sequence:

Author's name and signature



3. _______________________________________

NOTE: All authors are required to sign this form. If the authorship is contested before publication the manuscript will be either returned or kept in abeyance till the issue is resolved.
Kindly Print this page, affix your hand written signature, scan the page and mail it as a JPEG file.

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