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Volume 15 Issue 2
(15th November 2022)

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Journal of Nursing Today

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2016

  1. Development of an information booklet on prevention of myocardial infarction among selected employees of Pune city

Jayesh Jain*

Pages 1-10

  1. Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programmes on Practices in Prevention of Needle Sticks Injury

Jilmy Anu Jose1*, Sheeja A2, Seema K Singh3, Sherly Yohannan4 and Kavita Kumari5
Pages 11-20

  1. Knowledge and Practice of Staff Nurses about Nursing Care of Children with Fever

Dhara Y. Vyas*
Pages 21-30

  1. A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Community People Regarding Tuberculosis in Selected Areas of Rani, Kamrup (Rural), Assam

Dhanjita Deka*

Pages 31-39

  1. Staff Nurses Knowledge Regarding Tuberculosis Treatment as per RNTCP Guidelines Working in Community Health Center- Literature Review

Twara S Christian1* and Anil Sharma2

Pages 40-52

  1. A Study to Assess and Compare the Effectiveness of Moist Heat Versus Ice Packs Application in Reducing the Signs and Symptoms of Intravenous Cannulation Induced Thrombophlebitis Among Patients Admitted in Civil Hospital of Dausa District, Rajasthan

Vijay Kumar Gauttam1* and Jogindra Vati2
Pages 53-66

  1. Impact of Planned Teaching Program on Knowledge about the Prevention and Management of Constipation among Mothers of Infants

Vipin Vageriya1*and Kamal Sharma2
Pages 67-76

  1. Knowledge & Compliance on Hand Hygiene among Staff Nurses Working In Community Health Centers -Literature Review

Anjali U. Bhatt* and Anil Sharma2

Pages 77-86

  1. Hearing Impairment

Daxa ben P. Patel*

Pages 87-91

  1. Every Second Counts!... Know First Aid

Arpita K. Vaidya*

Pages 92-97

  1. A Study to Assess the Self Reported Weight Control Behavior among Early Adolescents (12 to 14) in Selected Urban Schools

Jaya John Varghese1*, Jijimol Cyriac2, Jimsy Joy3 and Sruthy Elisa John4

Pages 98-114

  1. Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Trafficrules Among the Nursing College Students at Selected Nursing Colleges

Dr. Hari Mohan Singh1*, Vijesh Patel2

Pages 115-120

  1. Nurses Performance in Relation to Quality Assurance of Nursing Care Given to Patients on Mechanical Ventilator

Dr. Hari Mohan Singh*

Pages 121-128

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